Friday, October 15, 2021

Bad Puppy - Dan Digiron and Tony Keit

Twinky Tony Keit is sitting on the bed writing in his journal, when hunky Dan Digiron walks in from his shower with a towel still wrapped around his waist. Sore from his morning workout, he asks Tony to massage some pain relief cream into his back and shoulders. Tony complies, for any chance to touch his sexy roommate. This immediately gets Dan horny, and he starts rubbing the growing bulge through his towel. He pulls the towel back a bit, exposing his thick uncut cock as he begins stroking it. Tony reaches around from behind, grabbing hold of Dan's growing manhood and starts jacking Dan's foreskin over his engorged cockhead. They briefly kiss, then Dan stands up and points his cock towards Tony's face, wanting more than just a hand around his shaft. Tony takes the hint, grabbing Dan's cock as he starts licking and sucking on it. Tony pauses to take his pants off, and get more comfortable. Dan lays back, and Tony resumes the blowjob. Tony is already hard, as evidenced by the! huge bulge in his underwear. Ready for more, Tony gets up on all fours, while Dan pulls down Tony's underwear exposing Tony's pink hole. Dan goes to work lubing up Tony's ass with some spit, then finally gives him a good rimming with his tongue. Dan flips Tony over, and returns the blowjob favor for a few minutes. Dan's cock has been rock hard the entire time, and Dan is ready for some fucking. He places Tony on his back, lifts his legs up, and quickly penetrates Tony's tight ass. They fuck like this for a while, then Dan lays back on the bed and guides Tony over the top of him, sitting Tony down on his steel shaft. Tony bounces up and down on Dan's cock, while Dan starts power-fucking from below. Dan then positions Tony on his side, lifting up one leg, and re-enters Tony from behind. After a few minutes of this, Tony is ready to bust a nut, and he starts jacking his dick harder and faster while Dan is still pounding away. Dan has reached the edge, and pulls out; but it is! Tony who starts spewing cum first, coating his own chest and ! abs. That's all that Dan needs to see, before whipping around to spew load after load all over Tony's chest and nipple. He squeezes out every last drop, then our two studs kiss passionately as our scene fades out.
SF06 - Ex-Military Scene 1 -Rocco Steele, Tony Bay cums on daddies face after blowjob. Florian's legs go back & he shoves his rock-hard cock up Kieron's ass. Max drops to his knees; John shoves his finger into his shorts and pulls out one large cock. Ben rides Tony, bobbing up & quickly penetrates Tony's tight ass. Latin hunk Rick in his head as he strokes his thick cock deep into Gera's waiting hole.
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Duration: 23:34
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4840kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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